I have extensive teaching experience, having taught 46 classes in six years of full time teaching. I regularly teach my department’s two introductory courses, Introduction to Philosophy and Introduction to Ethics, as well as History of Ancient Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion. I have also developed and taught several upper level undergraduate courses including a seminar on Aristotle and contemporary metaphysics, a seminar on Augustine’s life and works, an epistemology course exploring the nature of trust and testimony and their roles in forming our beliefs and practices through historical and contemporary sources, and an upper level course on the connections between metaphysics and mysticism in ancient and medieval philosophy.

I am also continuing to develop and innovate as a teacher. I have recently started using Reacting to the Past, a pedagogical approach in which students play a roleplaying game that immerses them in a key historical debate, in my Introduction to Ethics courses. I am currently serving as one of the Lead Faculty Advisors for the Mellon Philosophy as a Way of Life Project, sponsored by the Mellon Foundation and the University of Notre Dame. This project involves building up a network of schools and scholars committed to connecting philosophy to the way students live and to exposing students to visions of the good life from a wide variety of cultures.

Here are my sample syllabi: pdf.

Here is my statement of teaching philosophy: pdf.

In general, my areas of interest include ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, social epistemology, the philosophy of religion, and medieval philosophy. I am also interested in teaching metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, ethics, and logic at an undergraduate level.