I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Metropolitan State University of Denver. In 2014-15, I was a research fellow at Saint Louis University working on a project on intellectual deference and receptivity  funded by a grant from the Philosophy and Theology of Intellectual Humility. In 2012, I received my doctorate in Philosophy from Princeton University, where I was part of the Program in Classical Philosophy.

My primary area of research is ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, with my current work focusing on Aristotle’s theory of understanding and Aristotle’s views on change and motion. In addition to ancient philosophy, my other research interests include medieval philosophy in the Latin West, where I am interested in medieval theories of causation and cognition, and the philosophy of religion, where I am interested in a number of topics including theories of personal identity and survival, the relationship between divine and human agency, and divine simplicity. I also edit Endoxa: An Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Blog.