CV and Talks

My Curriculum Vitae: pdf.

You can also view my profile on academic profile.

Here are some of my upcoming talks: 

  • “The Absolute Simplicity of Aristotle’s Divine Nous,” 3rd Annual Stanford Metaphysics and Epistemology Conference, Stanford University, January 2022.
  • “An Internal Light, Not an External Sun: Tὸ φῶς In Aristotle’s De Anima (On the Soul) 3.5,” 2022 APA Central Division meeting, Chicago, February 2022
  • “Are Hearing and Touching Progressive Activities?” Workshop on Perception in Aristotle, Université de Genève, April 2022
  • “Forms and Formal Parts: How Aristotle Relates the Soul to its Powers,” Plato and Aristotle on Forms, UNAM Ancient Metaphysics Workshop, Mexico City, September 2022